11 Dec
Cheap Home Loan Rates

Debt Consolidation Gold Coast

If you’re unsure about debt consolidation, Gold Coast finance specialists Empire Financial Group Australia can help you find the right restructuring options to help you achieve your financial goals. Debt consolidation can help you eliminate those high interest credit cards or unsecured loans into one simple loan. With only one loan to think about each month, you […]

06 Nov
Wealth Building Strategies

Using Consolidation Loans to Build Wealth

When most people think of consolidation loans, they immediately think of rolling all their debts into one new loan in order to reduce their monthly repayments. While there are distinct advantages to consolidating outstanding debts, perhaps one of the biggest is the ability to begin building wealth. Consolidating to Get Rid of Inefficient Debt Carrying unpaid personal debt […]

11 Oct
Finance Gold Coast

Finance Restructuring Gold Coast

Is your home loan structured the right way to help you achieve your financial goals? What you may not realise is that you could benefit from finance restructuring. Gold Coast specialists, Empire Financial Group Australia, can help you restructure your existing banking accounts to better suit your needs. What Is Finance Restructuring? Many people assume their […]

01 Sep
Wealth Creation

Is a Home Refinance Right for Your Needs?

Refinancing your existing home loan can seem like a great way to switch to a cheaper interest rate. However, just because you’ve seen a lower interest rate advertised doesn’t automatically mean you’ll save money by refinancing your home loan. In fact, if you don’t take the time to compare your options properly, it’s possible you could end up […]

04 Aug
Industrial Investment Property

Pros and Cons of Commercial Property Investment

Any type of property, whether commercial or residential can be a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. However, there are times when a commercial property investment can offer a range of benefits that residential property may not be able to provide. Many investors consider the option of adding commercial property into their portfolio, but worry that there may be more risk […]

16 Jul
Consolidate Debt Australia

Benefits of Debt Consolidation Loans in Australia

Debt consolidation loans in Australia can offer people a range of different benefits. Yet the vast majority of people assume debt consolidation loans are only for people with financial difficulties. Before you scroll away and think you don’t need a consolidation loan, take a look at some of the benefits you could be missing out on. Streamlined Finances Rolling all of […]