Buying a business or investing in commercial property is a good way of building your asset base. However, in order to cover the costs of a large purchase you may need to apply for commercial lending.

Commercial loans are similar to regular mortgages in terms of repayments. The bank sets your interest rates and loan term to determine your monthly payments.

However, there are some major differences in the way banks view commercial loans that you should take into consideration before you jump in at the deep end.

Commercial Property Loans

Investing in commercial property offers some different advantages over residential property. However, securing a commercial property loan can be a little more challenging.

Lenders tend to asset commercial loans differently to the way they assess residential property mortgages. If you want to improve your chances of your loan application being approved, it’s important you have professional guidance from a specialist commercial lending expert.

Business Loans

Just as borrowing for commercial property is different to borrowing for residential property, it’s also completely different if you’re borrowing to purchase a business.

Banks and lenders consider a host of factors when assessing commercial loans. The strength of the business is considered based on your business plan, but it’s also important you can show how you’ll cover your repayments at the same time as keeping your business going.

Our commercial lending specialists can help you put together a strong application for a business loan that could improve your chances of receiving an approval.

Finance Services

Correct Ownership Structures

Borrowing money for a business or commercial property may be the perfect solution to buy the asset you want. However, just as it’s important to find the right loan structure and lender to suit your needs, it’s equally important to ensure you use the correct ownership structure.

The professional team at Empire Financial Group Australia can introduce you to a range of trusted specialists who can help you determine the best possible ownership structure before you submit your commercial lending application.

Choosing the Correct Lender

Your own bank might be happy to offer you a commercial loan, but can you be sure the loan being offered is the right one for your future financial needs?

A commercial lending specialist can help you find the most competitive interest rates and favourable loan terms by comparing the options available from a range of different lenders.

Work with a Commercial Lending Specialist

Putting together all the documentation required for a lender to assess your commercial loan application can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what information the bank wants to see.

Our commercial lending specialists will work closely with you to ensure you have prepared the correct information and documentation needed to submit your loan application with confidence.

The team at Empire Financial Group Australia also have access to a range of commercial lenders. We have the opportunity to compare the loans and terms available to ensure you’re getting competitive rates and loan terms that suit your business or commercial needs.

We’re also happy to introduce you to a range of trusted professionals who can help you determine the right ownership structures, work through any legal obligations, and discuss any taxation implications that may arise.

Call and book an appointment today with one of our commercial lending specialists. We’ll work closely with you to help you achieve your financial goals.